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K9 Rena


K9 Rena - K9 Rena came to us in 2013 from the Great Atlantic German Shepard Rescue Group. Little was known about Rena but her drive was strong and she passed her medical screening. Rena went through 14 weeks of training at a Virginia Police Work Dog Association accredited course at Newport News Police Department with her new handler. She was first certified in 2014 and maintained her certification each year until 2020. In her short career, K9 Rena was deployed 351 times to search over 10,000 articles. She located several million dollars worth of illegal narcotics and participated in 163 arrests. 

The Bond - The bond between a working dog and it's handler is unique. It is something indescribable but certainly noticeable. It is a continous process of learning and loving one another. Police dogs are not pets, they wake up and go to work alongside their partner daily. They train together, eat together, live together, and work together. K9 Rena and Lt. Fox spent a total of 7 years riding side by side in a police car. By the nature of the position, Lt. Fox spent more time with K9 Rena than any other member of his family, and their bond was unbreakable. 

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EOW 10/4/2020 - K9 Rena passed away on October 04, 2020. She was still an actively working member of the Poquoson Police Department and Tri-River's Drug Task Force. Rena passed away at home in her handler's arms due to a medical condition. The weeks following her sudden loss proved how loved she was in the community. People lined the streets in the pouring down rain to watch her procession. Police officers and K9 Handlers from across the Commonwealth joined the Poquoson Police Department in honoring K9 Rena. The Newport News Police Pipes and Drums Band played at her funeral where the police chief and trainers from other departments spoke.