Poquoson Police



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K9 Care and Equipment Fund - Law enforcement animals dedicate their lives to serving the community. The Poquoson Police Department started a one dog K9 Unit in 2013. Police K9 Units are a vital resource; they are able to locate evidence, supress drug manufacturing and distribution efforts, and even help search for missing children. Like their humans, these dogs deserve adequate safety equipment and medical care. One goal of this program is to supply the Poquoson Police Department with, or solicit on their behalf for, safety equipment such as K9 First Aid Kits, Naloxone Kits, Heat Alarms and Bullet-Resistant Vests.  Another goal is to ensure proper medical care and supplies during retirement years. 


Community Engagement - Police departments across the country are increasing their community engagement efforts to build meaningful relationships with the neighborhoods that they serve. The Poquoson Police Department is a small agency that must prioritize their resources and often cannot offer citizens the same services as surrounding jurisdictions. The Foundation collects donations that help support National Night Out, Shop with a Cop, The Child Identification Program, The Sympathy Card Program, The RAD Program, and many others. 


Other Projects - Special requests from the Poquoson Police Department are considered for funding as needed. This could be specialized training or equipment necessary to maintain a safe environment or to investigate a heinous crime. Projects that improve agency morale help increase productivity and keep officers longer. The Foundation supports ceremonies for retirements, graduations, awards and memorials. 

Product donations and grants are also accepted by the Foundation to be transferred to the police department. Our wonderful community groups have generously donated equipment necessary to investigate criminal activity whenever their may be a need. Additionally, naloxone grants have allowed the police department to save several lives each year.