Poquoson Police

We are proud supporters of our local law enforcement agencies! Please check out our programs and consider donating or helping to raise funds. All money raised supports our public safety!



K9 Program

The foundation is the primary source of funding for the Poquoson Police Department's K9 Program. This K9 is used regionally on the Tri-Rivers Drug Task Force and routinely around our own community to keep us safer.

Project Lifesaver

The foundation assists the police department in funding Project Lifesaver for those in need.

Community Engagement Efforts

We assist in "FUN"ding all community engagement efforts for the Poquoson Police Department. Activities such as National Night Out, Cones with a Cop, and Shop with a Cop are all taken care of with funding through your donations.

Grants and Requests

Specific purpose funding to cover equipment or specialized training. Mental health efforts for officers and other first responders in our community.


Volunteer Board of Directors

James M. Fox


Alison G. Fox


Briana O. Russo


James has been in law enforcement for over two decades. He has served with the Poquoson Police Department since 2008 in numerous roles including patrol, investigations, narcotics enforcement, K9, internet crimes against children, digital forensics, and currently serves as a Division Commander. James has a BA degree in Psychology and a masters degree in Behavioral Studies.

Alison worked for the Newport News Commonwealth's Attorney's Office prior to her 10 years with Newport News Police Department's Forensics Division. She currently serves as a Special Agent with the Naval Criminal Investigative Services. Alison also served on the Poquoson City Council. Alison earned a BA degree in Criminal Justice and a master's degree in Forensic Science.

Briana is a staple in our community. She has spent countless hours volunteering and donating to causes to support our city and it's people. Briana embraced her role on our Board of Directors early and eagerly contributes ideas and direction for our organization. Briana owns two small and successful businesses in the City of Poquoson and is proud to call this home!


SRO Brandi Gills

I just want to reach out and thank you for all the support and help you provide to the officers at Poquoson Police Department. You always ensure that we feel supported, valued, and heard. As a coordinator to many community programs such as Shop with a Cop or Project Lifesaver, you make my job easier so I can focus on the personal part of these programs and not have to stress the finances of it. Your support does not stop there, you make sure we feel valued also. This is in the little things like educational opportunities, books, or zip-lock bags filled with essentials like hand sanitizer, wipes and snacks. This year you assisted me with a silly request for most and purchased two lamps for my office. Due to the florescent lights causing me migraines, I often sit in my office with no lights. Now I can perform my job a little better, minimizing my migraines. I truly appreciate this purchase and know it will be a huge asset to me during this and future school years. Once again, thank you for all you do and all the donors who help fund our programs and assist the officers at Poquoson Police Department.

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