Police K9's have a long history around the world. Bloodhounds were used to track Jack the Ripper in 1888. In 1910 Germany, they were common to see on patrol. The United States embraced the strategy in the 70's; Poquoson Police Department received it's first Police K9 in 2013.

Police K9's

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K9 Argo


Argo joined Poquoson Police Department in 2021 and is still serving in his role. The Poquoson Police Foundation funded his purchase, the purchase of all of the associated safety equipment and assisted with medical expenses.

K9 Rena was donated to the City of Poquoson by Mid-Atlantic German Shepard Rescue in the Baltimore, MD area in 2013. Her handler, then Detective James Fox, attended the Newport News Police Drug Detector K9 school and in early 2014 the pair became a certified K9 Team through the Virginia police Work Dog Association.

K9 Rena

K9-1 EOW 10/04/2020

Rena served the City of Poquoson and Tri-Rivers Drug Task Force from 2013 to 2020.

K9 Rena became the first Police K9 for the City of Poquoson. She spent the next several years serving the community using her nose to sniff out heroin and other illegal substances. Police K9s typically have only one handler and most times they go home with them after their work day. K9 Rena was devoted to both her work and home families. She was a fierce protector and a playful companion.

The bond between a dog and their handler is something special. It is a 24 hour relationship; there is no separation. They work together, they live together, they play together, they eat together, they catch bad guys together. K9 Rena loved to play fetch. She didn't care what was thrown, she would go get it back. Her favorite toys were fist sized rubber balls from Tractor Supply that had little gum massaging nubs. Rather than destroy it in 10 seconds like all other toys, she would carry it around carefully in her mouth, only giving it back to her partner so he could throw it again.

On October 04, 2020 K9 Rena experienced a medical emergency while at home and passed away in her handlers arms. It was tough on our community, the police department, and the police K9 community. Her partner and home family were devastated. A memorial service was planned in her honor and a short funeral procession to Claytor Rollins Funeral Home took place. K9 Units from nearby and far out agencies attended while community members lined the street and stood in the rain to show their respect.

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